Suede Silky color Arrowwood
Suede Silky color Arrowwood
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When making garments from genuine leather, the result is often heavy and inelegant drapes. Often because leather used is too thick or with a heavy finished grain.

With Silky suede you get a light leather, with superb suede and silky touch. Silky suede is 0,5/0,6 mm thick and strong enough for all garments, and with a light finished backside you can make garments without lining. This suede guarantees you a silky nap and vibrant deep colors.

The perfect choice for any garment, and even handbags and accessories or in combination with some of our color matching furskins.

A fashionable and simple suede, preferred for high end, bespoke or designers items.




Silky suede is made on hairsheep lamb. Hairsheep has very firm fiber structure and very fine grain, regular sheep and lamb has a very loose fiber structure. With Silky suede you obtain the strength as calf or goat leather, but the nice broad size as with lamb.

Hairsheep lives free range in South Africa where they are highly adapted to the warm climate.




Silky suede is handmade in Solofra, in the province of Avellino of Italy. Here you find the best and most experienced tanneries in Europe, as tanning of leather has been the major industry for more than 500 years. Tanning leather in this area was favored by the presence of plants containing tannins (chestnut, walnut, oak etc), and limestone together with lots of fresh water, made it perfect for leather tanning.

Silky suede is tanned with a chromium base and complies to REACH legislation


Silky suede is available in 27 colors from stock. If you need samples, we send them day to day, free of charge, just request by phone or email.


You can read more about leather under our All about leather section


  • Made in Italy
  • Raw material South African lamb
  • 0,6 mm
  • Finished back side (nappato)
  • 6 sqft/skin
  • Average 75 cm long / 60 cm wide
  • Should make 60×50 cm cutting
  • Dry cleaning only
  • euro 46,90/skin


Some average consumption guidelines:

  • SKIRT – 4 skins
  • SHIRT – 5 skins
  • TROUSERS – 5 skins
  • JACKET – 6 skins

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