Upholstery Honey
Upholstery Honey
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Lambskin for furniture upholstery comes from frere ranging Australian Merino sheep. The skins are a by-product from the meat and wool industry, and in collaboration with our partners, the skins with the best curls and firm wool are selected - a perfect choice for any piece of furniture.

Our lamb skins are dressed and dyed in Turkey.

With Sipo you can order the exact number of lamb skins you need for the exact furniture. If you do not have the technique or machine to sew them together, we offer to do that also. We only require a model of the cover you need, without room for seam, and with markings where to fit pieces together. After receiving this we will make you an offer including work time and lamb skins.                                           

Each hide measures a minimum of 7.5/8.0 squarefeet and the wool is sheared between 17 and 20mm to give the optimum curl and resistance to use. A slight shade difference from skin to skin, even in the same color can occur.                                                                                             

Lambskin is maintenance-free in normal use, as the wool's natural content of lanolin makes it almost impervious to dirt.

The wool will retain its elasticity for years and remain fresh and inviting for use.

You can't avoid spilling something on the skin from time to time, but it doesn't easily penetrate the wool. Therefore, you can usually manage by letting the woolskin dry and then brushing/vacuuming it clean.

If the wool is not completely clean, you can wash off the impurity with water and then dry and brush.

Lanolin is the wool's secret and defense against dirt. Therefore, the use of harsh detergents and very harsh washing is not recommended.

The price is per square feet and without VAT. When ordering, specify the desired number of square feet. We always deliver at least the number of square feet you have ordered.

Use: Upholstery, pillow, throws and other interieur.

Wool length: 17-20 mm

Special colours: 200 skins per colour

Delivery: directly from our warehouse in Rødovre

Minimum order: 1 skin

Size: minimum 7,5/8,0 square feet per hide

Origin: Australia / Turkey

Tanning: Chrome tanned, except white which is synthetic tanned

Care and maintenance: Dry cleaning only.

Color fastness to light (ISO/IEC 17025:2017) : all colors 4/5

Rubbing (DIN EN ISO 105-X12 [A] (2016-11)) : all colors DRY 4-5 / WET 4-5

Firesafety: Tested and approved according to CAL TB 117-2013 (US) and BS 5852-1:1979 (GB)

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