Amalfi Black
Amalfi Black
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Amalfi lamb nappa is dyed through, with a light pigmentation that, together with natural grain and high-quality leather, gives a very comfortable and soft structure.

That is why Amalfi does not appear either painted or covered, and will leave a natural look.

Amalfi is 0.6 mm thick and suitable for most types of clothing and accessories. High quality raw materials and production means high utilization and minimal waste.

The price is per square feet and without VAT. When ordering, specify the desired number of square feet. We always deliver at least the number of square feet you have ordered.

: Most types of clothing and accessories

Thickness: 0.6/0.7mm

Special colours: 200 skins per colour

Delivery: directly from our warehouse in Rødovre

Minimum order: 1 skin

Size: 6.50-7.00 square feet per hide

Origin: Italy

Tanning: Chrome tanned

Care and maintenance: Dry cleaning only. Can advantageously be impregnated when used as outerwear

About consumption:

On average 70-80 cm long and 50-70 cm wide.

Skirt : 4 skins (26-28 square feet)

Shirt: 5 skins (32-35 square feet)

Pants: 5 skins (32-35 square feet)

Jacket: 6 skins (39-42 square feet)

The item is in stock. The item is in stock.
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